AWAN DANIA THE MOVIE – Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd – Arahan Rashid Sibir fdam – Dibintangi oleh Scha Alyahya, Elly Mazlein, Christian Bautista, Jehan Miskin, Dee….. – Lokasi Kuala Lumpur dan Koh Samui, Thailand – Pengambaran bermula 8 Jun 2010 hingga 7 Julai 2010.

SYNOPSIS OF AWAN DANIA THE MOVIE – The search for the national best cabin crew is on again.  Every steward and stewardess is anxious and looking forward to the competition.  The top 12 finalists are finally selected, including Dania and Bella.  Bella is the winner from the previous year.  She is from a competitor’s airline, beautiful, graceful, super-efficient, young and seems to be the favorite pick as the most possible winner.

Dania is curious to find out what is so special about Bella. Being her usual careless and spontaneous self, she sees an opportunity to find out more when she is able to sneak on board one of Bella’s flights. Justifying her craziness, she tells herself that it is purely to check out how Bella treats the passengers and how she performs her on-board tasks. But Dania is unlucky… just minutes after sneaking in, a load of passengers come in, and Dania is unable to get out…  Then the plane takes off.

In the airplane, she tries hiding under the seat, in the cupboard, in the toilet all to avoid the cabin crew, especially since it is a full flight and there are no more seats left for her to sit on.  A few passengers are irritated with Dania’s clumsiness.  She finally steals a seat, but then unintentionally she spills a hot drink on the passenger next to her. Chaos ensues.  Dania is escorted away from her seat by a steward.  Captain Bautista, the Chief Pilot starts drilling her with questions, and Dania has no choice except to explain everything.

The plane touches down at Koh Samui.  Captain Bautista knows that Dania is without any documents, and offers his help. There is a weather report that a hurricane is approaching and a storm will strike at anytime.  There are no flights in and out from the island until further reports.

Captain Bautista takes Dania to a local club that night since they have nothing else to do. With the special attention she is getting from Captain Bautista, Dania starts to feel attracted to him.  While happily talking to Captain Bautista, suddenly who should appear but…. Bella!! Dania is appalled! What is she doing here of all places? And Bella is just everywhere and she is too beautiful and too wonderful and completely overshadows Dania all the time in every way.

There starts the competition between the two, with Dania conceiving and planning all sorts of tricks to ensure Captain Bautista pays attention to her, not Bella.  Bella soon notices this rather weird behaviour from Dania, and this means ‘WAR’!  The girls do all sorts of hilarious and stupid things to catch Captain Bautista’s attention, and to demean, insult and make fun of the other.

The next day, at the culmination of their fight and about to face physical pain, the two girls finally decide to come to a truce and both of them decide to confront Captain Bautista.

Just as they are about to confront him, a famous super model appears, Karen. Captain Bautista then introduces Karen as his girlfriend who was having a photography session on the other side of the island.  This is when Bella and Dania burst out laughing.  All this while they were fighting each other, neither of them noticed that Captain Bautista was actually not interested in them at all!  Who are they next to glamorous Karen?!.

Dania and Bella become good friends.  And Dania returns safely to Kuala Lumpur, ready to face all the contenders and the juries.


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